The way we decide to live our lives are the choices we make. The community that we live in, where we decide to live, affects our life, our families lives each and every day. If we want to live better lives those choices begin within ourselves. So true is how our community lives and grows. 

A community that lives a Healthy, Happy, Mindfulness lifestyle benefits from the individuals who make up that community. The people in the community have individually decided to live better lives, they take time to eat better, exercise more, live healthier, happier lives. They are mindful of how the interactions with their neighbors, affects not only their lives, their families lives but also the lives of the other people in their community.

When we take a conscious role in our life, in the life of our community, for the good of the community we all benefit from those decisions. We smile more, laugh more and begin to enjoy life a little more.

We offer an opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life, we open the doors to a new community, a new lifestyle. A lifestyle of staying healthy, happy, with mindfulness to ourselves, to our neighbors. We encourage you to become involved with your community, with the preservation efforts of your neighbors and your community, to enhance the lives that we all live together. 

By making these conscious decisions, our lives begin to change, we have less stress, we sleep better, eat better, exercise more often, shed excess weight.  Our health, our happiness begins to bring positive affects on our lifestyle. With only a few minor decisions we can change our lives and the lives of our families in a very positive way.

When your ready to begin that journey, we encourage you to reach out, come visit, see how beautiful it is here in the mountains. Plan a trip to hike a trail; fish, canoe or kayak at one of our streams, rivers or lakes; downhill ski at Saddleback; take a snowmobile ride on our 150 miles of locally groomed trails; get out in nature and experience the calming effect that we all find here.  It all begins here. .

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